Hebei Sloate Welded Casing Pipes Introduce

Hebei Sloate Straight Seam Steel Casing Pipe:

Sloate Straight seam steel casing pipe is so called because the pipe is rolled from strip and formed with one longitudinal weld .This straight seam steel casing pipe is generally manufactured by an Electric Weld or a DSAW type of manufacture. 

Sloate steel casing pipe is available in a variety of thicknesses and grades depending on your application. This DSAW pipe is formed by first rolling steel plates into cylindrical shapes. The edges of the rolled plate are then shaped so that V-shaped grooves are formed on the interior and exterior surfaces at the location of the seam. The pipe seam is then formed with a single pass of an arc welder on the interior and exterior surfaces and the welding arc is submerged under flux. A main benefit of using this process when making steel casing is that the welds penetrate 100% of the pipe wall and produces a very strong bond. ERW pipe is similar but fused together instead of welded.

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