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Sloate established in the Year 2013, located in Qingxian, the land of Petroleum Equipment,is a Global leading manufacturer & Supplier of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) solutions.

Sloate supply Steel Casing pipe,Tubing,Slotted Liners,Precision Punched Screen,Precise Micropore Composite Screen,wire-wrapped screens, bridge punched screens,multi-layer composite screens,Pre-filled screens and pipeline systems for nuclear,chemical,mechanical engineering and construction industries,with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of tubing and casing and 200,000 meters of sand control pipes.

Over 10 years experience,the products rating from 1.9 inch to 30 inch,can process Max 26 inch sand control pipes,material is J55/K55,N80,L80-1,L80-13Cr,P110,Q125 etc.and the type of threading is BTC,LTC,STC,EU,NU,IJ,Premium Threading,Special threading equavant with Hunting,NEW VAM,VAM,PH-6,DDS,etc and also supply OEM and ODM services.

Sloate has advanced equipment and technology,own two automatic production lines for Casing and Tubing,as well as more than 20 sets of multiple wire-wound screens, slotted screens and slotted screens,has passed the ISO quality management system and the American Petroleum Institute (API 5CT) Standard certification.The company’s facilities provide a full cycle of advanced tubular solutions – testing and production.

Sloate has an extensive distribution network, which owns South west china and North west branch for casing and down-hole tools,sell its products to customers in China and abroad.Such as Middle East,PDO,Russian,Luke Oil,South American,PDVSA,US,Canada,Anton Oil,Europeans,Germany,BP etc.


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